Liposuction in Kolkata

Published: 08th June 2012
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Liposuction in India is high on demand and ranks two in the world just after the USA for the number of patients undergo this treatment. Though India would fall among the top 5 countries, but after the implement of medical tourism by the government of India, the trend of getting liposuction surgery from India has been increased to a great extent that have helped India gaining second position in the world. Particularly in the later years of this introduction and implementation, people from the outside of India began streaming into India. So to meet the increasing demand many cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals started their medical treatment services from major Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune etc. But Kolkata being the cheapest city in India, Liposuction in kolkata has gained more popularity than others. Its cheapest surgery rate, availability of skilled doctors and balmy weather have made Kolkata all the best. So a pursuit for getting Liposuction from Kolkata is increasing day by day.

Now let me tell you what Liposuction is.
Liposuction or lipoplasty, is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure for fat removal. It removes fat deposits from upper arms, calves, abdomen, neck, chin, back, thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts etc. Both men and women can undergo this process. It is a painless process and performed under general anesthesia. It does not take more than two to four hours for one session. Up to 10% of the body weight can be reduced at a time. With the aid of suction machine and cannula, up to 10% fat can be removed with several sessions and patient can go back home at the same day or next day.

Anyway, both men and women, who suffer from obesity and over-obesity, opt for liposuction as it helps them to get rid of all the flaws and imperfections in bodies and body contour. Getting an appealing and good look, there is nothing better way than undergoing this surgery.

Now have a look to know its utilitarian effects on our body:
i) It helps in curbing the cellulite from the body
ii) Removes fat deposits from different body part.
iii) Helps to slim and toned body
iv) Renders a precise body contour
v) Gives cosmetically pleasing appearance
vi) Helps women to get their earlier look even after giving birth of several children.
vii) Increases sex appeals
viii) Easy access to vagina

Classification of Liposuction methods are commonly practiced in Kolkata.
There are several popular methods of this surgery. Liposuction in kolkata covers three of them.
They are as follows:
i) Anesthesia
ii) Procedure
iii) Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

Anesthesia is chosen by the cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata depending upon the following factors:
• The amount of fat to be removed from body
• Your tolerance ability
• Types of fat deposits

Anesthesia is again divided into three distinct sections.
They are:
i) Local
ii) Regional
iii) Genera

Similarly the Procedure is divided into three distinct categories they are as follows:
i) Wet liposuction
ii) Super-wet liposuction
iii) Tumescent liposuction

Ultrasound goes like the above methods with the following steps:
i) Fluid injection
ii) Small incision in the skin
iii) Insertion of a cannula (tube) into the incision

If you are suffering from excessive fat deposit, obesity or over obesity you can undergo this method. Here another point on which I would like to draw your attention is the expense. Sometimes it so happens that in spite of having an intention to undergo this method, we could not afford it as it seems to be very expensive. Unfortunately if you face situation like this, you can freely come to Kolkata to get your liposuction in Kolkata. As I have already mentioned that Kolkata is the cheapest city in India that can give you the service only at one third cost in comparison to the other countries in the world, you can take this surgery in a tension-free manner. Take Liposuction in kolkata and get rid of all related problems.

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